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In this section we would like to tell you a little bit about what you can expect from student life at NBS. 

Buddy Program

In order to help you during your first days and weeks in Hamburg we offer a Buddy Program. Just express your interest to the International Office and we will try to find a German student that will welcome you to NBS personally and help you find your way around NBS and Hamburg.

College Wear

If you are an international student studying at NBS, we will welcome you with a shirt from our own college wear and ask you to take a picture of you at one of your favorite places in Hamburg wearing it. Please go see a member of the International Office if you just arrived!

You can of course also buy other pieces from the college wear in the online shop: (only in German). 
All products are sold without commission; the NBS does not make a profit by selling the college wear. 

Events and Networking

Student life shouldn't only be about studying, but also about socializing and having fun. Therefore, each term the party committee – composed of NBS students – organizes a semester party for their fellow students. Get together and have fun! Beside the semester party a lot of other events happen throughout the year, e.g. joint watching of soccer games and having a barbecue on the terrace. 

We also offer many opportunities to network and learn more about the "real life" that is wating for you along the road. NBS organizes different networking events during the course of your studies, e.g. in order to get to know people that are already working in well-known companies.

Orientation Days

In the beginning, everything is new and maybe even confusing: Where do the lectures take place? When are the exams? And how can I log into the Wi-Fi? All those questions are answered during the orientation days at the start of your studies at NBS. Beside presentations by the examination management department, the IT department and our International Office, the evening get-together offers an opportunity to get to know your fellow students. Please consider that all of the informational lectures are held in German. If you don’t know any (or enough) German, please get in touch with the International Office.   

"I never thought that an international experience would change me that much."

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